Cloud Services

Every business is unique. That’s why it makes sense to let Telecom Express tailor the Cloud to meet the particular needs of your organization.

You have many options for services and providers. Let us make your move to the cloud simple.

SMBs must stay ahead of the game

The game is always changing for small and midsize businesses. In each of these areas, we can show you tools and technologies that can help you stay ahead of the game. And when you’re ahead of the game, you win.


Business backup & disaster recovery

It’s a fact of modern life that archiving data is essential to prevent a data disaster. Still, something like one-third of computers are never backed up. We provided Right-sized solutions for small to midsize businesses

  • Back up files effortlessly without managing servers
  • Protect company data with best-in-class security
  • All the space you need for anywhere, anytime access


Unleash your workforce. With Office 365 apps, the Cloud helps people collaborate from virtually anywhere, at any time, using software everybody already knows, protected by enterprise-grade security. So no matter where business takes your people, they get things done faster and more efficiently.



Mobility is changing how we work and live: users are blending their personal and professional lives, apps and tools need to work well across different devices, and employees expect and—are expected—to work from anywhere.

Today, going mobile means having instant access to all calls, emails, documents, content and colleagues—as well as the tools to get any job done—anywhere, anytime.



Listen, adapt, and grow. The Cloud helps companies make the most of the conversations between employees and customers. Blog, Tweet, pod cast and more.

We build and host websites, build Facebook pages and implement social tools like Yammer and Lync to make it easy for employees to connect, share ideas, and build teams. We also implement Cloud based CRMs to help companies give customers a better, more responsive experience.

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