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VoIP/Internet Voice Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or Internet Voice, provides a cost-effective means of making telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. TEi’s Carriers provide turnkey VoIP solutions for a complete range of services, including local, long distance, mobile, and international calling. VoIP Services include SIP Trunking and Hosted IP-PPBX

Internet Access Services

TEi offers internet Access of every variety. Dial-up, DSL, T1, DS3, FiOS, Cable, Metro Fiber and Wireless. These services allow your business to utilize the web and cloud services. Ask about bandwidth aggregation, bonding and redundancy solutions that enhance all of these Internet Access Services.

Integrated Access Services

Integrated T1 Access Service provides combined data and voice/telecom services – all in a single package, and custom configured for your requirements. Every turnkey system provides a large 1.54 Mbps of transfer to handle the most demanding data, voice, and Internet needs over a single line. This combination eliminates the need for multiple lines and vendors that can reduce overall reliability.

T1 PRI Digital Services

Similar to a digital T1 line, T1 PRI is an acronym for Primary Rate Interface, and primarily used by call centers. T1 PRI provides 23 telephone lines plus Caller ID and Automatic Number Identification data. Contact TEi for a custom solution for your business.

Broadband T-1/DS-3 Access

DS3 Data Services provides customers with lightning fast, dedicated bandwidth, at an economical price. With a T1/ DS-3 Data line, network and Internet access is always on and available, and no longer requires the use of slower technologies such as dial-up, DSL, or ISDN lines.

MPLS Services

Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is a versatile solution to address the problems faced by present-day networks—speed, scalability, quality-of-service (QoS) management, and traffic engineering. MPLS has emerged as an elegant solution to meet the bandwidth-management and service requirements for next-generation Internet protocol (IP)–based backbone networks.

VPN Services

TEi carriers’ VPN is a secured network solution that secures data traffic between your corporate network and homebound employees / your remote locations.

Point to Point Solutions

T1 PTP or Point to Point is a dedicated, ‘always on’ private line that runs directly between two locations. This results in a high-speed, digital line for voice, data, or Internet applications, without the security concerns of having any other users on the same dedicated line.

POTS Lines

A POTS line, usually just called an analog phone line, can hook directly to a standard telephone. It can be one of several lines that you select with a key telephone system or it can connect directly to a PBX phone system. POTS lines are also commonly used with fax machines and for alarm boxes. TEi’s carriers provide complete installation and service of reliable POTS lines at a low cost

Conferencing Services

TEI’s Conferencing Services provide complete control over your telephone, video and web conference requirements at substantial cost savings. Our Conference systems offer a wide variety of configuration options including audio conferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing, automated, 24×7 reservation-less or operator assisted, email notification, and much more.

DSL Internet Services

A high-speed DSL (digital subscriber line) carries both voice and data simultaneously using your existing phone line.  It delivers high-speed Internet connectivity to your business using your existing telephone line at speeds that will allow you to do more than dial-up. Please contact TEi for all of your voice or data needs

Local Calling Plans

TEi carriers provide a competitively priced, full-range of local phone services. State of the art switching equipment allows them to provide local phone service with rates up to 60% lower, and eliminates costly access charges imposed by many LECs.

Long Distance Service

TEi offers competitively priced long distance services that feature a variety of comprehensive solutions using POT’s lines, PRI’s, Integrated T1’s, Switched and Dedicated Long Distance.

International Calling Plans

TEi provides a wide variety of reliable, low-cost solutions for International calls.

800 / Toll-Free Services

TEi carriers’ nationwide and international 800 / toll-free services provide a variety of convenient ways to facilitate inbound calls, while providing flexible – and scalable – management solutions to meet the needs of your business. These toll-free services work with both switched and dedicated facilities.

Unlimited Calling Packages

Know what your phone bill will be every single month. With unlimited Calling packages you never have to worry about overage or additional usage charges.


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